Technical and vocational education can contribute immensely to eradicating unemployment and fostering economic uplift. Besides entering the traditional job market, technically skilled people can successfully create self-employment opportunities to become economically solvent. This is why promotion and spread of technical education is very much necessary in a country with a population as large as ours, where unemployment has long been a major challenge. This is that even though we have a huge number of unemployed youth, the number of foreign nationals working in the country is increasing day by day. As there is an inadequacy of manpower with technical expertise in the country, the various business and industrial companies have to hire foreign nationals at the mid-level and top-level posts. As a result, a huge sum of money is being drained out from Bangladesh every year. To get out of the situation, there is no alternative to building skilled human resources.
Rajshahi Polytechnic is offering technical and skill development programs (Diploma in Engineering) and a good number of our youth are getting benefited from those programs. That the number of such people is increasing day by day and that most of them are contributing to the national economy are really a gratifying development. However, it is also notable that many unemployed youth, being unaware or not being informed, cannot take such skill development and occupational training and thus they are not being able to get rid of the curse of unemployment.
At Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute, we are always on a sincere try to implement the system developed by Bangladesh Technical Education Directorate while maintaining a proper environment for real life education system to achieve the goal.